All About… The A Huevo

tiki-tolteca-a-huevoThe base of what’s become our most popular drink is something called “leche de monja,” which is a home remedy of sorts for the folks in the rural mountains of Peru.

It is made by first soaking whole eggs – uncooked and un-cracked – in lime juice for two weeks. The lime juice eats off the shell, leaving the membranes which encapsulate the raw egg inside, and a residue of calcium resting on the bottom of the container from the eaten-away shell. All of this is blended in a blender and then mixed with sugar and pisco, the national, grape-based liquor of Peru.

It sounds gross, and in all honestly looks pretty gross at first, but the taste is right-on, and the end result of the A Huevo is pretty magnificent, if we may be so bold.

After making the leche de monja, it is mixed with falernum, passion fruit puree, and ginger beer, and served on ice with a flower from the Amazon Jungle called “jambu.” When eaten, the jambu sends the mouth on a roller-coaster ride, complete with an intense tingle, a numbing sensation, and a heightening of certain aspects of the drink – namely the passion fruit and the coldness of the ice.

It is a refreshing drink, well-suited to the hot New Orleans summer, and a downright curious adventure of a tipple!

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