New Drink Specials Menu

Our new special drinks menu is an ode to pick-me-ups, with a yerba mate drink, a cute little coffee drink, and a green-tea-based pisco drink. We can sleep when we’re dead… unless we’re zombies of course.

Petit Cafe ~$5.25
A quaint little odd little drink in a cute little glass. A touch of coffee, a touch of the tropics, and a few bitter undertones.

Hot Yerba Mate Rum Toddy ~$9.5
The name of this drink basically explains it all. Yerba mate is an herb used as a stimulant in South America. Yeah, it’s a little hot outside for a hot drink, but we just wanted to celebrate the new air conditioner.

Last Guinea Pig in Cuzco ~$10
Barsol Quebranta and green sencha tea are the two main ingredients, flavors reminiscent of the coca sours so common in Peru.

Full menu here!

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