Quetzalcoatl Mug


The Tiki Tolteca mug was designed for us by Tiki Farm’s late Art Director, “The Pizz”. The Pizz, well-known and reputed in the art world as the undisputed “Lord Of Lowbrow”, was a world-famous artist in the genres of Lowbrow, Kustom Kulture and Tiki. When we approached Tiki Farm founder Holden Westland to produce our Tiki Tolteca design, the task was assigned to the Pizz, TikiFarm’s then Art Director. Pizz was determined to give us his best effort, melding the elements of both Toltec and Tiki together into a unitary, unique design. What you see here before you is the end-result. The Tiki Tolteca mug was one of Pizz’s last 3 Tiki mug designs that he ever created.

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Inspired by the Toltecan feathered-serpent diety

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Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in

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