Tiki Goes Grainy! A Whiskey Tiki Night

Tiki Drinks with Whiskey?

One of our missions at Tiki Tolteca is to show that tiki drinks can occasionally exist outside of the rum-o-sphere. Normally we lean toward the Latin American spirits, but how about whiskey?

There are a number of classic tiki drinks made with grain, from the Tropical Itch to the Bastard Drinks. Rum goes great with tropical juices and spices, but sometimes your drink asks for that specific kind of dark, sweet woodiness that only whiskey can supply.


Join us Friday, October 9

On Friday, Oct 9, Tiki Tolteca will be hosting Ryan Herzog, New York bartender extraordinaire who is currently working with the Tennessee whiskey George Dickel. Ryan will be behind the bar from 10pm to midnight, and we’ll be slinging tiki drinks made with Dickel – some classic, some original.

We would love to see you there!

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